Custom Installation

Utilizing variety of design and engineering technologies, we resolve your water treatment needs; allowing custom solutions to be innovative and effective

Custom installation is necessary, where requirement is unique, space is odd and meeting stringent water quality standards a tough task. At Pacific Aquasynth, we can custom design a system based on your specific requirements and preferences ensuring the water treatment system will work flawlessly for your particular application. There are lots of combinations available for each situation; this is our design and engineering experience, which brings to you a prefect system of your choice.

Pacific Aquasynth places great emphasis on the design and engineering. From a simple equipment design to managing a large ro plant project, we have everything you can expect from an experienced water treatment company. Technical team is familiar with recent innovations, water quality standards and regulations, industry specific water needs and all available water filtration and purification techniques, allowing us to provide you sustainable solutions with reducing cost, time and effort.

We provide integrated solutions, tailored to fit unique needs of each customer. As a manufacturer, we design, develop and install variety of water treatment systems for all the industries and service areas. We work as one stop source for complete water treatment solution. Our services include consultancy, site audits, product designing, manufacturing and on-site installation and commissioning. Our participation consisted of continuous involvement with the Owner and Consulting Engineer throughout the planning and design phase including constructability reviews, budget analysis, preliminary/final estimates and schedule analysis.

Process Design

Pacific Aquasynth can make more than one design of the necessary steps required to treat your water and wastewater following all aspects economically and environmentally. We also review the cost of installation and commissioning; therefore, provide our clients the best possible quote that suits their budget. Our participation includes continuous involvement with the owner and responsible authorities throughout planning and design phases. Construction reviews, budget analysis and schedule are important phases, where we co-operate with our clients.

CAD / 3D Modeling

At Pacific Aquasynth, we employ most advanced techniques ensuring you the best water treatment facility at your unit. Using our design team and latest software, we demonstrate our equipment and plant design through 3D CAD drawings enabling our clients to visualize proposed system installations. It is furthermore; reduce our time to develop products.


Located in outer Delhi, we have large manufacturing space, the facilities there enable us to design, build and install any capacity of system in a cost-effective way. For managing a large project, we offer on-site fabrication and installation piping arrangements. We have good man-power resources helping us to undertake work of any capacity of plant, anywhere in India and overseas.


After installation, Pacific Aquasynth ensures that you are using your system in a professional manner. We handover system with complete documentation and if necessary we also provide proper training to your operator; in addition, we also provide real time support and advice on how to optimize the use of your water treatment system.